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Here at Clark Environmental Pest Control Services we specialise all types of starling pest control. Starlings are commonly seen as pests due to the damage they cause due to their flocking and roosting in large numbers and the resultant large amount of droppings generated in one place.



Starlings droppings can cause degradation to brick and even steel work due to the acidity of the droppings. An additional health risk is caused by starlings droppings in the soil which promotes fungal growth and can lead to disease if it comes into contact with people.




There are a number of ways to deter and prevent starlings from being a nuisance. To identify the most effective method for your starling problem talk to your local team Clark Environmental Pest Control. Once we have dealt with the Starlings we can advise you on precautions to stop them coming back. Our technicians are happy to provide further after care help and support for a lasting solution.







If you are in need of a professional pest control service, do not hesitate to call in the experts at Clark Environmental Pest Control Services. Our services have been designed to be both effective and affordable. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements with one of our pest control specialists.







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